Tony and Paige | Engaged

“These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” John 15:11  

Beyond joyful, these two!!  I am so happy for my amazing sister, and blessed to know she’s uniting her life with a really awesome, strong man of God. And I get to call him my brother!! While hubby and I were visiting over Christmas in Pittsburgh, PA, I knew I HAD to do their pictures. Actually, I kind of begged them. The engagement shoot flew by. Tony and Paige literally feed off of one another. They’re animated and happy, always teasing and laughing, and truly blushing with that *just engaged* glow. It made for genuinely beautiful photographs.

September 15th, 2013 is right around the corner!!

Can’t say it enough: LOVE YOU GUYS!! 🙂

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Noel Kitty

Meet Myla.

We recently adopted a kitten into our family of three. Enah now has a little sis, and they are getting along wonderfully. I haven’t mentioned yet that Myla is a terror; I say that in the most loving of ways. She is constantly either finding a way to make us crazy or make us laugh; mostly crazy. I know kittens are rambunctious – that’s part of being a kitty. I do have to say, however, that her energy would be handled much more graciously if she were a little more graceful. Because graceful she is not. Cute nonetheless.

So bless my hubby’s heart. I really wanted to take our Christmas card picture tonight since we had some down-time. And he is totally supportive (although not always happy to show it when he’s the one in front of the camera) of my love for cutesy-pics. Take our one year anniversary for example. I made a #1 out of cardboard, yarn, and lace. Pretty crafty, right? I’m sure he thought it was lovely, too, but the fact that we took the picture in our front yard, tripod ready, while cars were driving through our neighborhood… well, let’s just say at one point I looked up from setting the picture up, and he’s laying face-up in our front yard, fragile prop no where to be found. It was  hidden, of course, where no passerby could see him posing. But really – I cannot and do not blame him. I commend and respect him for being so compliant of my “have-to” moments (see below).

Myla didn’t fail us and the picture turned out awesome. My hubby’s genuine smile provided, just in time, by Myla.

Our one year.

May 29th, 2012

Pyrotecnico | NFL

My husband works for Pyrotecnico as a Show Producer. Besides fireworks shows, however, Pyrotecnico is a special effects company and they cater to many different types of clients, providing effects ranging from indoor pyro, to cryo, to lasers. Two events I was able to be at happened in the past few months, and I was able to get some great photos of their special effects. Here is an “in a nutshell” look.

Note: my smokin hot hub is in the blue, last picture… 😉

pyro-sports-28 pyro-sports-18 pyro-sports-13 pyro-sports pyro-sports-9 pyro-sports-30

S | Family

The beach makes for such a beautiful backdrop. The gentle waves, soft sand, blue skies, frequent breeze… unless you visit this scene as hurricane season is exiting South Florida. Then those gorgeous characteristics become somewhat of challenge. No problem for Family S, though!! Despite the winds and not so gentle waves, mom and dad took the elements in graceful strides, kept their little boy and girl happy and smiling, and this shoot came out absolutely lovely. It was a total joy and pleasure to have met and spent time with them. So. Much. Fun.

Sapp-2012_Page_196 Sapp-2012_Page_159 Sapp-2012_Page_113 Sapp-2012_Page_007 Sapp-2012_Page_141 Sapp-2012_Page_012

Nadia | family photos

Honestly, I truly hate that it’s been since April (seriously!?!) since I’ve posted. Sorry about that!!

On a happy note… Miss Nadia & I finally got together on a sunny Saturday with her two little ones for a photo shoot! It was a little later in the day than we planned, and a lot hotter than we’d have liked, so we will be doing another soon… but these should hold her over for the time being 🙂

Bonus:  I loved, loved meeting J & Z!! Such sweeties! JJ was such a huge help to his mama, and so easygoing… making it easy on me!

Here are some tasters from our time together ♥

Nadia & her boys Claude Family-95 Claude Family-38 Claude Family-82


He is Risen {2012}

“We have this treasure from God, but we are like clay jars that hold the treasure. This shows that the great power is from God, not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

I want to be authentic: authentic in my faith, in my photography, in my relationships. I serve an indescribable God, and without Him, there would be no business endeavor for me. I believe with all my heart that He will be the one opening and closing doors, giving me strength along the way, and reminding me why I am pursuing this in the first place: He gave me a gift. Now I have a passion for learning while I go by successes and failures, trials and tribulations. And He will give me all I need to prosper.

I am really anxious to see what is in store. You should join me; It’ll be fun.

**Happy Easter, by the way**

Mr. & Mrs. C {2011}

Almost a year ago, a very dear friend asked me to capture a very important day of her family’s life: her wedding ♥ Oh, how I looove weddings 🙂 And I cannot believe it’s been almost a  year! Sarah, thank you again for giving me the honor of sharing this incredible day with you guys. And for being brave enough to be the first bride in my growing portfolio. (I only wish I was in Pittsburgh right now to steal moments with your newest addition! …on my camera, of course). This was a day not to be forgotten anytime soon: a stunning bride, her handsome groom, and her gorgeous kiddos all uniting for an incredible celebration. XOXO

tdeeyn-32 tdeeyn-31 tdeeyn-28 tdeeyn-20 tdeeyn-25 tdeeyn-11 tdeeyn-8 tdeeyn-5 tdeeyn-23 tdeeyn-22